Kaiu Tasuku

Kaiu Tasuku

Kaiu Tasuku was a Crab Clan bushi and a Master Smith.

Armorsmith Edit

Yuruginai Edit

The Celestial Sword of the Crab, Yuruginai, was broken in 1159 when the Carpenter Wall Falls. Hida Reiha bore the shards safely out of the fallen towers and brought them to the Kaiu family, where the sword was repaired by Tasuku at the Kaiu Forge. He promised that if the blade ever breaks again he would break his hammer and become a poet. [1]

Teaching Sugimoto Edit

Tasuku was the cousin of Kaiu Sugimoto. After Sugimoto lost his right arm during battle in the Fall of Otosan Uchi Tasuku began apprenticing Sugimoto as an armorsmith. Tasuku was determined to find some way for Kisada to become the Keeper of Earth, and was very much surprised when his own lamed apprentice discovered the Book of Earth instead. [2]

Hiruma Castle Edit

During the reign of Toturi III Tasuku was appointed as caretaker of the defensive siege engine in the Hiruma Castle's walls, under the command of the Hiruma Daimyo Hiruma Todori. [3]

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