Kaiu Blade

A Kaiu Blade can cleave stone.

Kaiu Swords were among the most prized of weapons in all Rokugan. They were considered the Sacred Weapons of the Crab.

Legacy Edit

Each year five such blades were smithed on Kaiu's Forge under Kaiu Shiro. Kaiu blades were able to easily cut through stone. It was rare for a Kaiu blade to be given to a non-Crab. It was a great dishonor for the wielder if someone who was not of his family should ever touch the blade, and it was nigh unbearable to lose it. [1] [2]

Forging Edit

Once a blade was finished, it was placed between two large blocks of special wood known as ironwood. This wood was so durable that it could only be cut after a shugenja made offerings to the kami within it. Once the wood was fashioned into blocks, they were placed into the fire of the Kaiu forge. After three to five days the coal pile would collapse, the ironwood baked down to pure carbon. The high temperature and the ironwood allowed the vestiges of carbon to be purified from the blade, making it stronger and more durable and took on a darker color. The blade was now so hard that it could not be sharpened ever again. [3]

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