Kaiu Seison

Kaiu Seison

Kaiu Seison was a bushi of the Crab Clan.

Station Edit

Seison was assigned to be Moshi Amika's chaperone during her visit to Koten during the Month of the Horse in 1170. It was at this time that Seison and Amika witnessed the fall of Lord Sun, Yakamo. [1] Seison was nearly killed by the spirits that were unleashed by the damage caused by Yakamo's fall. [2]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1171 at command of Hida Benjiro, Seison enhanced the castle defenses of Shiro Kitsuki when the Yobanjin Army of Fire laid siege to the castle. [3]

Bitter Spring Edit

In 1173 in the called Bitter Spring of the Destroyer War, the Crab had assets secreted behind enemy lines, and were preparing some manner of gambit in hopes of drawing out the Rakshasa General, lieutenant of Kali-Ma. [4] The Destroyers tracked down the position of Benjiro, who was in an undefendible position, cut off from all support and facing a potentially much larger force. Benjiro moved to another place, who was seen by his advisor Kaiu Seison as even worst than the present. Benjiro did not hesitate, ordered to move and prepared a strange white dagger he tucked in his belt. He knew that the Rakshasa was coming for him. [5]

Rakshasa's death Edit

The Rakshasa General managed to isolate Benjiro, his men subdued or killed, and Benjiro confronted it in personal combat using an ivory knife. When Benjiro was defeated, his throat gripped by the monster claws, the trap was strung. The Rakshasa's forces were slaughtered by a rain of arrows, and ivory-tipped arrows bore down upon the rakshasa. Iuchi Katamari, the Doomseeker, the killer of immortals appeared. He performed the rituals of his order that would bound the rakshasa and began stripping its immortal essence from its flesh. The rakshasa's screams carried all across the plains for many hours. [6]

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