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Kaiu Sadao

Kaiu Sadao

Kaiu Sadao was a Crab Clan bushi who served as a Scout in addition to a traditional Kaiu siege engineer.

Kurumi and prophecies Edit

In 1169 Sadao was visited by the lovely courtier Bayushi Kurumi. She charmed her and conviced the Crab to showed her the Kaiu Wall. Kurumi told she was haunted with nightmares, seeing very dark things attacking Rokugan. In the wall Sadao talked about the nezumi tribe of prophets that had lived within the Carpenter Wall, the Third Whisker Tribe, a tribe who had died facing Tomorrow. Before they left the nezumi made paintings which depicted defenders against dark things. The Crab believed it was the prophecy of the nezumi doom, but Kuruki knew that the defenders were humans, and the assault of the Wall had still to come. [1]

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