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Kaiu Ryojiro

Kaiu Ryojiro

Kaiu Ryojiro was a Crab Clan bushi and engineer.

Kuroda's Advisor Edit

During one of the many Shadowlands assaults on the Kaiu Wall a lone oni attacked Hida Kuroda, son of Crab Clan Champion Hida O-Ushi. Ryojiro triggered a trap that held the oni in place, allowing the bushi to kill it without loss of life. Kuroda was impressed and reassigned him to serve in his personal staff. When O-Ushi died, Ryojiro became advisor to the new Champion, Hida Kuroda. [1]

Carpenter Wall Falls Edit

Ryojiro served as one of Kuroda's guards, and stood with him until his Lord ordered to retreat to fight Kyofu alone. [2] It was Ryojiro whom Kaiu Umasu later selected to make the alterations to the Kaiu Wall, [3] and accomplished the work [4] by building around the Tower of Fear. [5]

Kuon's Advisor Edit

Kaiu Ryojiro 2

Kaiu Ryojiro

Kuon was a warrior at heart, not a general, so Ryojiro must explain many rudimentary engineering and siege concepts to Kuon during battle. The two forged a mutual understanding and respect over the months. [1]

Jade Shortage Edit

Ryojiro felt it necessary to take risks when searching for more jade. [6]

Dragon Puzzle Box Edit

A brilliant engineer and tinkerer, Ryojiro was able to open a Dragon Puzzle Box for Isawa Sezaru, leading Sezaru to the Oracle of Water in 1159. [7]

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