Carpenter Pass

Yakamo in the Carpenter Pass

Kaiu Roka (OOO), most commonly known as Carpenter Pass, was the largest passage through the Twilight Mountains, and thus the easiest way to move troops across the mountains. Any soldiers travelling to the Kaiu Kabe had to pass through here, and the road was frequently travelled by those who wished to test themselves against the minions of Fu Leng. [1] [2] It was also known as "Little Beiden"'. [3]

Testing Grounds Edit

Kaiu Pass 2

Kaiu Pass (OOO)

On those occasions that other clans send troops to aid the Crab on the wall, they were required to travel through the pass. This gave the Crab time to determine if their desire to help was genuine, as well as if they actually could be of any help. [3]

Defense Edit

The road, knwon as March of Pain, [4] was well maintained as the Crab understood the need for open supply routes. Many traders and merchants set up along the road, but anyone who did must pay the Yasuki. Most of the traders were Yasuki anyway. [5] [2] [3]

External Links Edit

Kaiu Pass

Kaiu Pass


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