Kaiu Otoge 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Kaiu Utsu

Kaiu Otoge was a blacksmith and younger brother of the Kaiu Daimyo of his time, Kaiu Utsu.

Training Edit

Otoge, younger brother of the Kaiu Daimyo, was indisputably a great smith. He crafted reputed weapons, but also explored artistic crafts, from new musical instruments to ironwork statues. [1]

Haru's Apprentice Edit

In 1144 the settlement which would be known as Water Hammer City rapidly grew. The monk and blacksmith Haru accepted his first students, who were offered the chance to practice his skills on the sacred forge there, [2] a scale of the Water Dragon herself. All of the clans save the Scorpion answered this call, and Otoge came there as the Crab representative. [1]

Master Creation Edit

His master creation resembled the music boxes his family was known for. Shaped into the form of a sparrow, Kaiu Otoge's Sparrow produced melodious tones almost on command. Otoge presented it to Haru and then returned home. [1]


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