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Kaiu Osuki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1128

Kaiu Osuki was a Crab Clan bushi and Emerald Magistrate.

Imperial Court Edit

Early in his life, Osuki's smithing talent brought him into favor with his local Hida lord, who assigned Osuki to be his assistant at court. While Osuki felt ill-at-ease in court, his love for Rokugani law made him an asset to his lord, who benefited from Osuki's observations and vigilance. [1]

Kaiu Wall Edit

Osuki was appointed for years at the Kaiu Wall. The young Agasha Shugenja Agasha Mumoko was sent to his unit. [2]

Fate of the Badger Edit

In 1126 it was Osuki who discovered the ravaging of the Badger Clan [3] by Hideo no Oni in his charge of Emerald Magistrate. Osuki was given command of sizable army and governorship of the Badger provinces. [1]

Hideo Strikes Back Edit

Osuki had found the Badger Clan Champion, Ichiro Chuga, nailed to a post, legs torn from his body. His son and heir Ichiro Hideo appeared jailed at Shiro Ichiro's dungeon. His tainted eyes revealed Hideo had been infected, and the Tsukai-sagasu were recalled to test the samurai. Three months later Ichiro Koturi, Hideo's younger brother, arrived to his ruined home, and shortly after the oni attacked again, killing many of the Crab guards before leaving the place again. [4]

Death Edit

Osuki was killed in final combat with Hideo no Oni in 1128. Since his death he had been revered by both the Badger and the Crab. [1]


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