Kaiu Onizuka 
Kaiu Onizuka 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Kaiu Genji 
Titles: Topaz Champion

Kaiu Onizuka was a bushi Tactician Siege Master of the Crab Clan.

Family Edit

Onizuka was son to Kaiu Genji, [1] and cousin to Hiruma Tomiro. [2] He grew up following his father around the Empire, until he enrolled in the Kaiu dojo. His highly orthodox views on Honor led to several disagreements with fellow students. [3]

Colonies Edit

Onizuka won the Topaz Championship in 1198. [4] Instead to use his title for further improvement, he went straight back to Crab lands, where he honed his skills as an engineer and supported the ongoing efforts to rebuild the land after the ruin of the Destroyer War. [3] At the end of his year as Topaz Champion the Emerald Champion, Utaku Ji-Yun, approached him and requested that he travel to the Colonies and serve her from there among the Emerald Magistrates. [1]

Crystal Outcroppings Edit

In 1198 Onizuka found a vast field of crystal outcroppings believed it was not a natural occurrence because there should not be crystal in this region, [5] which eventually was known as Benika's Tears. [6]

Topaz Champions Trio Edit

Onizuka had as companion a former Topaz Champion, Shinjo Tae-Hyun. They met a third one, Kitsuki Nakai, and both offered their aid in any endeavour the Dragon had there. [2]

Discovering the Seeds of the Void Edit

Onizuka discovers the Seeds of the Void

Onizuka discovers the Seeds of the Void

Eventually Onizuka discovered in 1199 the Seeds of the Void, an Elemental Nemuranai. He looked into the seeds and saw things not yet seen. [7]

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Preceded by:
Topaz Champion
Succeeded by:
Shinjo Ajasu


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