Kaiu Norio 
Kaiu Norio 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Kaiu,
un-named Bayushu 
Siblings: Several un-named brothers 
Titles: Kaiu Daimyo

Kaiu Norio was the eldest son of Kaiu, and like his father, Norio was skilled in siegeworks.

Kaiu family Edit

After Kaiu founded his own house, he was offered a bride by the Bayushi family. Kaiu Norio was his eldest son and heir. [1]

Kaiu Daimyo Edit

Norio was a clever and stubborn man who merged his father's positive traits with the cunning of his Scorpion mother. He repaired damage and built new castles in the Crab lands devastated by the First War. Norio realized that few were willing to cooperate solely for the sake of a better Empire, so he decided to beat the others at their own game. Norio quickly gained a reputation as a cunning negotiator who was not above polite threats to get what he required. [1]

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Kaiu Daimyo
? - ?
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