Kaiu Namboku

Kaiu Namboku

Kaiu Namboku was a Crab Clan bushi and engineer.

Student Edit

Kaiu Noriko took Nanboku was under her wing. The unpromising student blossomed his hidden talents under her tutelage. Nanboku oversaw the construction of Shiro Moto, the palace of the new Unicorn Clan Champion Moto Gaheris. Over time relations between the two families became somewhat frayed and the Kaiu withdrew. An impulsive young Moto Bushi singled out the slightly built Namboku for persecution. After his return, he added an element of martial training to his studies. Some whispered that his relationship with Noriko was more than just that of student to mentor. [1]

Pawn of the Scorpion Edit

Namboku had been a nameless samurai, filled with ambition who rose through the Crab ranks helped by the nefarious Scorpion. Namboku became one of the most experienced and trusted siegemasters on the Kaiu Wall. He attempted to forget the shameful acts that he was party to, and considered the possibility to confess and ask permission for seppuku, but he knew his death would deprive the Crab of a capable leader. [2]

Master Sensei Edit

He served at the Wall as a siege engineer, but his real talent laid in smithing, so Namboku apprenticed to the Master of the Great Forge. In 1150 [1] Namboku was appointed as the Master Sensei of the Kaiu Engineering Academy at Kaiu Shiro. [3]

Fall of the Kaiu Kabe Edit

Nanboku worked in the construction of a wall which surrounded the lost Kaiu Towers of the Kaiu Wall. [4]

Hatori's Request Edit

In 1160 Namboku was visited by Miya Hatori and his aides Otomo Taneji and Fuzake Sekkou. Namboku agreed to send some of his students to improve Hatori's estates. [5]

Nezumi Edit

Namboku and a Third Wisker nezumi

Namboku and a Third Wisker nezumi

Namboku was aided by the nezumi Third Whisker Tribe to find the better place to dig mines. [6]

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