Kaiu Nakano

Kaiu Nakano

Kaiu Nakano was a bushi and tactician of the Crab Clan.

Rebuilding the Crab Lands Edit

Nakano was among the eldest of all the Kaiu Engineers in 1198. His efforts in rebuilding the Crab lands had placed every family in his debt, but he cared only for the beauty of stone. [1] He had personally been involved in the redesign of Kyuden Hida. [2]

Family Edit

Nakano had married, and he had four grandsons who lived in the Second City. He shared a bond of some sort with Kaiu Kichiro, nicknamed Kempy, the smallest of the four. They were kindred spirits of a kind most never knew. [2]

Colonies Edit

Nakano came to explore the Colonies, and he also looked for a trophy for Kempy. Nakano found a dead elephant beside a gigantic venomous fang of [2] a Red Hunger, in a place which would be known as Kempy's Hunting Trophy. [3] Nakano crafted a weapon with the fang, and placed it within a Crab armory in the Second City. [4]

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