Please note: This article is about the daughter of the Tortoise Clan Champion Kasuga Taigen. For other uses of the term, please see Mino (disambiguation).
Kaiu Mino 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Kasuga Taigen 
Spouse: Kaiu Sugimoto 
Children: Un-named son

Kasuga Mino was the daughter of the Tortoise Clan Champion Kasuga Taigen, and married to the Keeper of Earth Kaiu Sugimoto.

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1159 during the Fall of Otosan Uchi she was present when her father, Kasuga Taigen, met Yogo Koji, the Yogo Daimyo, in the North Hub Village. The Scorpion requested the Tortoise Clan join the incoming Scorpion forces lead by Bayushi Yojiro, to march on the Imperial City. [1]

The Badger Edit

Mino was sent to Badger lands. In 1166 a new jade vein that had been discovered there collapsed, and sixty workers died. The Badger blamed to the yobanjin Mountain Wind Tribe, who have seen shortly after the disaster. The Tortoise had secret relations with them, and they described Mino an oni the barbarians had seen in the ruined mine. Mino knew that the features matched the ones of Hideo no Oni, the monster that brought the badger near brink of destruction in 1126. [2]

Crab aid Edit

The Badger asked to the Crab military support, and Kaiu Tasuku and his elder cousin Kaiu Sugimoto arrived Shiro Ichiro. Mino told them about the yobanjin discovery, but the Crab leader, Tasuku, gave no credit to her. Sugimoto turned the military plans the Badger were making with Tasuku and instead war they sought the oni, which had already fled. [2]

Marriage Edit

Mino was told that Sugimoto had reached enlightenment and became the Keeper of Earth. Mino was married to him after the Crab Clan Champion, Hida Kuon, and her father bargained her wedding. [2] In 1170 the couple bore a son, who became the first in line for leadership of the Tortoise Clan. [3]


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