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Kaiu Masa 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Two un-named brothers,
un-named sister

Kaiu Masa was the bushi and yojimbo of the Crab Clan.

Family Edit

Masa was an unassuming man of average height, a skilled swordman with a keen mind for tactics. He used to have two brothers and a sister, all of whom died in various missions for the Crab. [1]

Colonies Edit

Masa was appointed in the Second City as yojimbo to Yasuki Noa, advisor to the Crab ambassador Hida Kotone. He admire her charge tremendously, a courtier fond of creating situations in which her rivals must challenge her or lose face. With no experience in court intrigue it was difficult for Masa to help Noa in uncovering some plot or nugget of useful information. [1]

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