Kaiu Kyoka 
Kaiu Kyoka 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1172

Kaiu Kyoka was a bushi commander of the Crab Clan.

Destroyer War Edit

Crab warriors led by Kaiu Kyoka were completely cut off by the centuriae, an elite human unit who fought alongside the Destroyers. The berserkers of Amoro's Legion arrived and managed to repel these centurions. Hida Sozen vowed that he would kill the gaijin officer who commanded the enemy during this engagement. [1]

Siege Engineer Edit

Kyoka was appointed as Hida Benjiro's personal Siege Master and tactical advisor. He oversaw the construction of several new siege engines which were used to devastating effect against the Destroyers. He was present when the Crab Rikugunshokan confronted in personal combat the Rakshasa General. Demon and Benjiro were wounded but Benjiro's wounds were severe and order to take him from the battlefield and fell back. [2]


Kyoka was commanding Crab troops during the siege previous to the Fall of Kyuden Hida in 1172. On the sixteenth day of the Month of the Serpent he was attacked by Hida Shimonai, who had infected by the plague and turned into a Plague Zombie. Kyoka stabbed his sword into the zombie's body, but Shimonai was unaffected and crushed Kyoka's neck. [3]

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Kyoka was depicted again in the Month of the Monkey of 1172, three months after his death. Flesh of the Demon I had introduced it before the death episode, but the cronology does not match.--Oni no Pikachu 17:50, November 7, 2011 (UTC)


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