Kaiu Kiyoka was a Crab who in 1171 arrived Dragon lands to defend them against the yobanjin Army of Fire. When the raiders approached the city of Heibeisu Kiyoka, Koan, and Jineko prepared to fight. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

Kiyoka was assembling several siege weapons when the Destroyers's horde began their attack on the Kaiu Wall. They breached the wall, letting hordes of Destroyers pour into Rokugan. [2]

Unknonw artisan Edit

A man under Kiyoka's service was retired from first line of battle, due his lack of mobility a wound caused to him. The man later entered in battle again against the Destroyers, and died. In the tower he was retired for a time a statuary appeared, carved from a piece of the overrun Kaiu Wall. The piece of stone depicted despair and anger, joy and sorrow and even love. It raised the spirits of those who saw it in such dreadful time during the Destroyer War. [3]


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