Kaiu Kamui was a Crab Clan bushi.

Jeweled Smith Edit

Like many of his family, Kamui was a swordsmith. His works were of beautiful quality, incorporating jewel stones in an ornate style not seen among other Crab smiths. In 1170 a saya with jade inlaid along the edges and small gems in the shape of a flower surrounding the kurigata of his made it into the hands of Iweko I. Iweko was so impressed with its quality that she appointed Kamui to be the first Jeweled Smith, armorer and weapon smith for the Jewels of the Empire. [1]

Head of Crab Embassy at Toshi Ranbo Edit

In 1171 the Crab lands had been assaulted by the Destroyer's horde. The entire Crab contingent withdrew from Toshi Ranbo to help in the Destroyer War, including the Crab ambassador Yasuki Takai. Kamui remained at Empress' side, becoming the head of the Crab Embassy. [2] The Jade Champion requested Kamui to craft a No-dachi, who was gifted to the Crab Clan Champion Hida Kuon. It was used during the last fight of the Crab Champion. [3]


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