Kaiu Joji was a bushi of the Crab Clan.

Station Edit

Joji was appointed in the Shadowlands, and the taint began to consume him. He was a hulking man with greasy hair, bloodshot eyes and prominent teeth. He was surly and uncooperative. [1]

Ancestor's quest Edit

In 1122 Joji was visited by the ghost of his ancestor Kaiu Yemon, who lived in the 7th century. He was a Kaiu Engineer who had built some kind of vault or fortress, known as Yemon's Legacy. A Shosuro tortured him until he drew a map, then killed him. His ancestor had been awakened by a group, Hoji Bokusui, Yogo Senko, and Kuni Hyakken, who were trying to get the map. Badgered by Yemon, Joji abandoned his post and made his way to Ryoko Owari, intent on finding and destroying the map. [1]

Ryoko Owari Edit

Joji entered the city through the Gate of Oni's Teeth, and despite some problems with his faked travel papers and a group of magistrates he was smart enough to conceal his taint. [2]


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