Kaiu Haruko 
Kaiu Haruko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 716

Kaiu Haruko was the designer of Kaiu Kabe during the rule of Hida Banuken. [1]

Logistics of the Kaiu Wall Edit

Haruko came up with a plan for half a million people to build an effective rampart, which would withstand the strongest earthquake. It became the foundation for a larger wall. By her design, hundreds of shugenja teams worked in tandem, timing their rituals in shifts. Haruko set guard posts and traps as the wall could structurally stand, by estimates of terrain and Shadowlands strength. She determined the amount of rock quarried, how fast and how many tons they could get to the proper section of the wall, and set the food ration they needed to work at such a grueling pace. [1]

First Soroban Edit

Haruko accomplished the task developing the first soroban, called the Wondrous Soroban of Kaiu Haruko, which shortened the time she needed to make all the plan to four days, and the wall was made in other fifty-six. [1]

Death Edit

Haruko died during the fight, and she did not see her work finished. Three of her students replaced her, and used the device she had developed. [1]


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