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Kaiu Genji 
Kaiu Genji 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Kaiu Onizuka

Kaiu Genji, the Traveling Crab, was a bushi and engineer of the Crab Clan.

Yojimbo Edit

Genji served as a yojimbo to a young Yasuki Courtier in the winter court at Kyuden Ikoma, where he enjoyed the various stories the courtiers traded about their homelands. The bushi volunteered as yojimbo at winter court in the next year, moving to the Phoenix lands, the next winter in the Dragon Mountains, and even once at Kudo. He spent hours learning scrolls of military history in the libraries of his hosts, sparring off-duty guards and idle yojimbo in the nearest dojo, or learning crafting techniques with the local blacksmiths. In spring Genji returned to Kaiu Shiro where he recorded all he had learned and passed this knowledge to his Clan. The rest of the time he worked in the forge. [1]

Toshi Ranbo Edit

Genji served for many years as a yojimbo to various courtiers in the Imperial Court at Toshi Ranbo. In 1169 he protected Ikoma Asa, the poet rising star of this year. He was quite taken with the young Lion. Asa made a poem regarding Hida Sadaharu and the Deathless. [2]

Traveler Edit

After a dozen years of such a routine Genji was granted to travel the Empire on Musha Shugyo, so long as he was standing to the side of a Yasuki courtier in winter. [3] He had since left that post and had become a wanderer, although still in service to his clan. [4]

Followers Edit

Genji's Students

Genji's Students

Genji's teachings passed to other, who were called Genji's Students. [5]

Son Edit

Genji had a son, Kaiu Onizuka. [6]

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