Kaiu Eto was an engineer and sculptor of the Crab Clan who retired as monk becoming the shinpu of the Order of Courageous Reflection at Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup.

Cursed from Birth Edit

Eto was cursed from birth with the name of a shamed uncle who had betrayed the clan. He lost his parents shortly after his gempukku and Eto was to the status of second-class samurai, below buke, but not quite bonge. [1]

Engineer Edit

Eto and a team of heimin were tasked to construct the defense in the remote Ice Plain in the early years of his career. Fifteen years later an invasion of brigands was easily routed by a token Unicorn force, and the victory was considered solely responsible to Eto's design. Several more of Eto’s structures and tactics were tested, all of which proved near impenetrable. Eto became a famous and celebrated engineer in the Empire. [1]

Shinpu Edit

In 1121 retired as a monk, founding a new branch of the Order of Courageous Reflection. He became the shinpu of the temple, making a fusion of Bushido and the Tao of Shinsei who some found heretical. He built the new Shinden Yaruki Jukko over the remains of a collapsed dojo which touched the Western Enchanted Wall at Otosan Uchi. The original Shinden Yaruki Jukko had been destroyed at Kenson Gakka during the Battle of the Humble Turtle [2] in 1120. [3]

Risking Peasant Revolts Edit

Tokiuji, a peasant who was considered an instigator of his kinsmen, [4] had public disputes with Eto about the disgraceful treatment of the peasant castes would continue to cause friction between the samurai and the bonge. [1] In 1122 during the Shouting Day festival Tokiuji had formed large peasant mobs leading the heimin to the gates of the temple, where he goaded Kaiu Eto and his monks until the engineer nearly exploded in rage. [5]

True Instigator Edit

Bayushi Sozui, a Shosuro-trained Bayushi, was the true source of tension in the Karada district. She expected to convert the sohei of the temple in an army of the Shadow, to create instability between social castes, to instill confusion and terror within the Imperial Court. [6]


Eto carved the likenesses of the fourteen monks slaughtered in the original temple, and a statue of Shinsei which was placed in the center of the dojo, with fourteen mirrors placed all around the statue. In 1123 two members of the Order claimed they had seen to move Shinsei's sculpture through the reflection in one of the mirrors. When they turned the sculpture was unchanged. The story caused much furor among their community. [1]

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