Kaiu Esumi 
Kaiu Esumi 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Yasuki mother

Kaiu Esumi was a bushi, Siege Master, and Tactician of the Crab Clan. He was considered a cruel man. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Esumi's mother was a Yasuki before her marriage, and Esumi became a materialistic in the extreme. His wrathful nature with the imprisoned mujina he supervised was terrible. [2]

Colonies Edit

Kaiu Esumi 2

Kaiu Esumi

Esumi was sent to the Colonies, where he was appointed as taskmaster of peasants who worked the regions claimed by the Crab. The crops harvested there measured their lifespan in far shorter terms than any other land Esumi had ever encountered. The plants there also aged at an incredible rate [3] in this area, which was known as the Magnificent Farmlands of the Fuzake. [4]

Elephants Edit

In 1198 he used the elephant Chiisai to fulfill some obligation his clan had to the Phoenix Clan, under the orders of Asako Rinshi. The creature found an item that Esumi kept for further study of the Kuni, a crystal [5] scroll. [6]

Taking Hostages Edit

Akuhiko detains Esumi

Esumi is detained by Akuhiko

For an unknown reason Esumi had a conflict with a Phoenix priestess, Isawa Shunsuko. They eventually ended relatively amicably and Esumi spared him. [7] In 1199 Esumi was detained by Yoritomo Akuhiko by unknown reason. [8]

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