Kaiu Battle Master

Kaiu Battle Master

The Kaiu Engineers were trained to build castles and structures intended for protection of the Crab Clan. Their teachings emphasized patience and planning as the cornerstone of strong design. Kaiu Engineers were the most sought-after architects and craftsmen in Rokugan. [1]

Training Edit

Students of the Kaiu schools learnt military strategy, siege methods, metalsmithing, fundamentals of architecture, engineering, geology, construction of long-range artillery, and physics. The students had very wide training, because they were required to know how to build as well as design their creations. The graduation exercise for the students was to design a siege engine for placement on the Kaiu Kabe. Those who passed built the siege engine they designed. [2]

Kaiu Engineer Techniques Edit

Kaiu Engineers

Kaiu Engineers

The family did not teach techniques on their own. Their members increased their knowledge mastering a new skill between the various taught in the school. [3] [4]

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Kaiu Engineer

Kaiu Engineer

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