Kaiu Dokushojin was taught by Hida Shinmenko in the unarmed fighting style of Kaze-Do, which had been never tought to a samurai.

Sensei's death Edit

The Crab Clan Champion Hida Tekien proved a samurai had learned the Kaze-Do to the Emperor defeating a group of selected monks. Bosai was skeptical of jiujutsu's battlefield use and called for a fight against a captured troll. The beast quickly murdered one of Shinmenko's students, and Shinmenko committed seppuku for his failure. Dokushojin realized they had not learn the true techniques of Kaze-Do. Shinmenko had been taught in flawed techniques that worked in stylized form but not actual combat, and he had passed them to his students. [1]

Quest Edit

Dokushojin, Hida Kakki, Kuni Jisso, and Hiruma Jotaro wandered throughout Rokugan, storming peasant jiujutsu schools. Kakki and Jotaro fought, Dokushojin learned techniques by watching, and Jisso nursered the defeated, or dissected their corpses to find out which techniques were fatal. [1]

Return Edit

After sixteen years they returned to Tekien, and in seclusion taught Hida Akemi, Tekien's fifteen-year-old granddaughter. They emerged after two years and Akemi proved she mastered the true Kaze-do. [1]


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