Kaiu Anou 
Born: 282 
Died: 337 
Titles: Anou family founder

Kaiu Anou was an architect of the Crab Clan during the 4th century. He born the year 282 and died in 337. [1]

Architect Edit

Perhaps the most gifted architect that Rokugan had ever seen, Kaiu Anou's prowess in the art of design and siege was unquestionable. He played a role in the design of several notable Crab structures, and oversaw the rebuilding of Hiruma Castle after the failed siege in the year 314. [1] anou revolutionized the way fortresses were built in his day. [2]

Creator of a Building Foundations Edit

Anou developed an architectural style that revolutionized the construction process. A slanting stone base could serve as the foundation for a castle, providing enormous stability and allowing for the use of alternate construction materials. Since his development castles could be constructed on plains without risk of devastation by earthquakes. The upper levels were a combination of a wood skeleton coated with a plaster mixture to provide an attractive, watertight exterior. [3]

Shiro Giji Edit

He designed and built Shiro Giji in 329. [4] His connection, if any, to the Anou family was unknown.

Anou family founder Edit

Granted the Vassal family name Anou, his descendants went on to be absorbed into the Miya family, although there were some among the Kaiu who could trace their ancestry to him as well. All of Anou's descendants received his keen insight into the design of strongholds of all types. [1]

Known Works Edit

The first job was a wall which was built surrounding the Miya lands, the Anou Wall, followed by the fortification of Kyuden Miya itself. [5]

Preceded by:
Anou family founder
? - 337
Succeeded by:


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