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Kaiu Akemi

Kaiu Akemi

Kaiu Akemi was a courtier, sumai wrestler and diplomat of the Crab Clan.

Imperial Court Edit

Akemi was a large-bodied samurai-ko who dressed plainly and wore her hair tied back in a formal topknot. Akemi was a blunt and harsh woman who often spoke her mind, even in court. When Iweko I's daughter, Iweko Miaka, came to age, many prominent samurai from every clan and faction set out to court her. Although Akemi's political influence was limited, she intended to use her contacts to make sure the princess had a Crab husband. [1] Akemi was one of only a handful of individuals who had ever spoken critically of Iweko Miaka publically. Miaka spent an evening in conversation with the former wrestler, and Akemi had succumbed to the young woman's bright, cheerful mood just as everyone else had. [2]

Colonies Edit

In 1199 Akemi was appointed in the Second City, where she had to remove any and all gaijin symbols from the city. She and her men were demolishing a shrine of the Temple District, when the Ivory Champion Shinjo Tselu ordered her to detain her task. [3]

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