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Kaimetsu-Uo's Blade

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Kaimetsu-Uo's Blade 
Kaimetsu-Uo's Blade
Created by: Lion craftsmen
First used by: Kaimetsu-Uo
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Kaimetsu-Uo's Blade was wielded by the Mantis Clan founder, Kaimetsu-Uo.

Crafting Edit

The blade was forged by Lion craftsmen, who made the katana as a favor to Kaimetsu-Uo's Matsu mother. When Kaimetsu-Uo died, the weapon was enshrined in the first Temple of Kaimetsu-Uo, and it became the Mantis clan's first true ancestral item. [1]

Stolen Edit

During the Mantis Civil War, a nezumi of the Crooked Tail Tribe stole Kaimetsu-Uo's Blade and hid it in one of their warrens. Yoritomo Kumiko assigned forces to find the blade without result. [1]

Known Wielders Edit

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