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'Kagiri was a nun of the Brotherhood of Shinsei and founder of the Order of Eternity.

Peasant Edit

Before she was known as Kagiri, the young girl was a peasant who lived in a small town in the Dragon lands. She made her living as a common prostitute, and felt as if anyone respected her. Eventually he crossed paths with a monk, who bowed to her with utmost sincerity and assisted her across a muddy patch of street. [1]

Nun Edit

Impressed by the event, she decided to join the Order of the Seven Thunders as the nun Kagiri. Over a year later she found in the library of her monastery a scroll deposited there by Hyoushi, who was the monk who had bowed to her in the street. She vowed to pursue and spread his studies, so the Order of Eternity was born. [1]


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