Kagehisa family
Patron family: Tsuruchi family
Clan: Mantis Clan
Founded: 1134
Daimyo: Unknown

The Kagehisa family were a vassal family of the Tsuruchi.

Origin Edit

Since the time of Tsuruchi the winners of the Day of the Wasp tournament joined a rigorous course, and if they finished it, were granted to join the fledging Wasp Clan. Those who had failed used to become part of a larger group of ronin and mercenaries that the Wasp hired to guard Kyuden Ashinagabachi. These ronin in time were known as the Wasp's Blade. [1]

Founding Edit

Tsuruchi disappeared after the end of the War Against Shadow, disheartening his followers. The leader of the Wasp's Blade Kagehisa found Tsuruchi as a retired monk in the Temple of Kaze-no-Kami, gravely wounded and seeking only a life of privacy. Kagehisa retained the secrecy, and when the Tsuruchi family was oficcially recognized by Toturi I in 1134, the new Tsuruchi Daimyo Tsuruchi Ichiro, granted Kagehisa his own vassal family, and the Wasp's Blade became the Kagehisa family. Kagehisa Mura was their ancestral holding. [1]

Duty Edit

The Kagehisa continued to guard Kyuden Ashinagabachi, and also the Tsuruchi Records and Gateway Village. They use to be trained as Tsuruchi Kenkyaku. [1]

Kagehisa Daimyo Edit

Tsuruchi Kagehisa 1134 - ?
Kagehisa Takuna (c. 1160)

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