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Kagaku (Intelligence, Agasha and Kitsuki only)

Kagaku is the practical application of Nazo Bubun no Agasha. It is an important skill for any Agasha Shugenja for their spells, or any Kitsuki Magistrate in their study of evidence. It is a High Skill. [1]

The following items can be made with Kagaku.

A thin sheet of rice paper with ignites when exposed to proper friction. If the paper is held to close to one's eyes it can blind them.

When the gaijin fleet assaulted Otosan Uchi, they used this black powder, which exploded with fire or heat.

A thin, transparent liquid that responds quickly to sudden changes in temperature.

A gummy liquid that emits a thick black smoke that burns the eyes and throat.


  1. Way of the Dragon, p. 40

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