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Kaeru Tomaru 
Kaeru Tomaru 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1166 
Children: Kaeru Meiji 
Titles: Kaeru Daimyo

Kaeru Tomaru was the daimyo of the Kaeru ronin family who offered fealty to the Ikoma family in 1159, and several years later it would the reason of the War of the Rich Frog.

Weakened Kaeru Rule Edit

The major wars and conflicts of the recent past served to deplete the pool of ronin, many of whom joined Toturi's Army, the Wolf Legion, the Shogun, or were offered fealty in a Great Clan. In the Four Winds era, the [[Machi- Kanshisha]] were severely undermanned, and the Kaeru hold on the city was beginning to slip. The situation had degraded to the point where it was obvious that the Kaeru could no longer adequately administer and protect the city. [1]

Kaeru Join the Lion Edit

In 1159 the Ikoma Daimyo, Ikoma Sume, visited Tomaru in the City of the Rich Frog. Sume convinced Tomaru that Ikoma patronage would serve the interests of both parties. The Kaeru family was made vassal of the Ikoma, and the Lion annexed the city. [2] The Kaeru would enjoy the authority and backing of the dominant military force in the Empire, while the Lion would receive a portion of the substantial income in running the city. What had been less obvious was the consequence of refusal, that it would be taken as an insult to the Lion Clan. Tomaru, outmaneuvered and unwilling to offend the most powerful army in the Empire, was forced to accept Sume's offer. [3]

War of the Rich Frog Edit

Tomaru was never pleased with the deal he struck with Ikoma Sume. The trade coming from Dragon and Unicorn lands stopped. With the Lion demanding a tax upon what income was generated by the city, the Kaeru, were not as prosperous as they once were. When the War of the Rich Frog began, Tomaru sent agents to approach old contacts in both the Dragon and Unicorn regarding the resumption of trade with both Clans, no matter who wins the war. He knew that the hardliners within the Lion would surely interpret his initiative as treasonous, a calculated risk to maintain the Kaeru as the major power within the city. [4] The systematic lack of recognition for the Kaeru and their forces caused Tomaru to reexamine the relationship he had with the Lion. [5]

Death Edit

Tomaru was assassinated at the end of the War of the Rich Frog, poisoned by his own son, Kaeru Meiji, who resented his family fealty towards the Lion Clan. [6]

External Links Edit

Preceded by:
Kaeru Daimyo
? - 1166
Succeeded by:
Kaeru Meiji


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