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Born: Unknown 
Died: 1133

Kado was a ronin member of the Kolat conspiracy.

Kolat Edit

Kado believed in honesty above all else. The fact that his life was a lie did not bother him one bit though. He was raised in the Hidden Temple of the Kolat and was to become a prized assassin. Everyone trusted him and he made it a habit to steal from them. If he was found out he returned the items but he was so friendly, nice and honest that no one questioned him. The ten masters saw his talent and trained him in tactics, law, goverment and everything he would need to be a diplomat and military advisor. Kado was member of the secret kolat juzimai the Weavers. [1]

Infiltrating the Lion Edit

After his training was complete he was to join the Lion Clan army as his first mission. Within a month he was promoted to nikutai, and by the end of a year he was promoted to gunso. He never saw combat but his soldiers loved him and morale was high. A few things went missing but no one suspected Kado. [1]

During a minor battle he found the Lion standard-bearer dead and took up the standard from the ground. He was invited to Shiro Matsu for his bravery. And Kado was made the advisor to Kitsu Motso. No one had suspected Kado when the standard-bearer had been found stabbed near the backlines. [1]

Legion of Two Thousands Edit

Motso was appointed by Toturi himself as the commander of the Legion of Two Thousand. However, it was Kado who actually issued the orders. [2]

Death Edit

Kado 2


In 1133 the information network of Ikoma Sume discovered the true allegiance of Kado, who vanished. [3] Kado was lost before the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, [4] possibly murdered by the Shadows.

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