Kaagi no Tamashii

Kaagi no Tamashii

Kaagi no Tamashii, or Kaagi's Soul Shrine, was a shrine devoted to the Dragon magistratge Kitsuki Kaagi. It was a former temple located near Firefly River on the Unicorn border which was rebuilt and rededicated to further develop friendly relations between both clans. The shrine was the final place visited by Kitsuki Kaagi prior to his disappearance. [1]

Founding Edit

The Emerald Magistrate Kitsuki Kaagi assisted a small band of Unicorn in escorting a prisoner to Shiro Iuchi. He forged several friendships with the Unicorn he was traveling with, and disappeared shortly after. In time Iuchi Notaiko became a highly influential member of her family, and after the War Against the Shadow, she patroned the Dragon's request to refurbish a formerly run-down temple as a shrine to remember Kaagi. [1]

Memorial Edit

Kaagi's Memory was the name given to the memorial that commemorated Kaagi's work and sacrifices. A small display detailed Kaagi's work and history, along with a short chronicle depicting the war against the Lying Darkness. [1] Crystal was included in its structure, to preserve it against the Darkness. The Kitsuki also maintained a small garrison at the shrine. [2]

Waystation Edit

Traveler's Rest was the name given to the way station component of Kaagi no Tamashii, and it hosted a small number of courtiers along with their entourages. Although the land surrounding the shrine belonged to the Unicorn, Traveler's Rest had been ceded to the Dragon, [3] as it became part of the Shinpi province. [2]

Trading Point Edit

During the Dragon-Phoenix War the shrine was used as a trading point between the Unicorn and Dragon, and food was traded heavily with the Khan's merchants. A small village sprang up around the shrine. [1]


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