Ka was the Rokugani word for flowers. [1] In flowers the Rokugani perceived the unending cycle of the Celestial Heavens: birth, death, rebirth. Many festival had names in their honor. [2]

Known Flowers and Plants Edit

Arrowroot, azaleas, barley, bellflower, bramble, camellia, carmine, cattail, cherry, cherry blossom (sakura), chrysanthemum, cinnabar, cucumber, cumin, fruit trees, grass, hariju root, hay, hemlock, hollyhock, honeysuckle, iris, kempi, lichen, lily, lime, lotus, morning glory, moss, mulberry, oats, oleander, onion, orchids, peony, persimmon, plum, poppy (keshi), reed, rose (bora), saffron, snapdragon, sorghum, straw, vines, waterlily, wheat, wisteria, and yarrow. [3]


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