Juuin province

Juuin province (Hi2)

The Juuin province (Hi2) was a Hida controlled province. [1]

Mountains Edit

The Wall Above the Ocean mountains stretched through the entire province until the Mountain Road. There was a notable jade mine in these mountains [2] as well as a network of natural caverns, connecting west to east. [3] which were notorious for becoming periodically infested with Shadowlands creatures. [4]

Notable locations Edit

The villages of Higashiyama Mura (CB10) [5] and Nishiyama Mura (CB12) [6] were located on each side of the Wall Above the Ocean mountains. [1]

The Bells of the Dead were located in somewhere in the mountains. [7]

Nearby provinces Edit

The Juuin province was bordered by the Garanto province (Hi1) to the North, by the Kyoukan province (Hi3) to the south, the Midakai (K1) and Adauchi (K2) provinces to the west, the Ichigun province (Da4) of the Crane Clan to the east, [1] separated by the Kawa no Kin, and the lands of the Sparrow Clan and Kyuden Suzume (A25) to the northeast. [8] [9]


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