Juramashi city 2

Juramashi district

The Juramashi district of Otosan Uchi was the single largest district in the city, [1] a conglomerate of architecture and ideas. Upper Juramashi was largly residential and was considered the more wealthy of the two. Lower Juramashi contained the lower caste housing, geisha and tea houses. The district took its name from Shiba Juramashi a former-governor who had ruled it over a decade. After him the governors rarely lasted longer than one year in this area. [2]

Scorpion Coup Edit

In 1123 during the Scorpion Coup the Juramashi district was not taken by the Scorpion in the first days of assault. [3] The district was liberated by the combined armies of the clans by dawn of the fifth day. [4] North Juramashi was nearly untouched by the fights, but the South Juramashi suffered great damages by fires and pillaging. [5]

After the Coup Edit

Hantei XXXIX deposed the district governor Seppun Meyori, as recommended by the Otomo, but no new replacement was placed two years after the Coup. Lower Juramashi had been rebuilt by their citizens, merchants, and priests. Upper Juramashi remained a primarily residential area constantly patrolled by yojimbo privately hired by its occupants. [6]

Locations Edit

The district was known for its dizzying variety in architecture, customs, and people. It stretched from the River of the Sun to the southern Miwaku Kabe, and spanned outward to the southern edge of the Imperial City. [1] Beneath this district existed a small Underground Lake. [7]


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