Created by: Crab Clan
First used by: Akodo
Currently in the possession of: Hall of Ancestors

Junsui, the Ancestral Armor of the Lion, was the armor of Akodo One-Eye. It was forged of the first steel made by the Crab, and given by his brother Hida. [1] [2]

Appearance Edit

Its shoulder-plates were said to be able to stand the weight of a hundred boulders, and its do (breastplate) was enameled with a picture of Amaterasu herself. The armor greatly increased the skills of the wielder. [1]

Tainted Edit

The armor's bearer was constantly shown in the histories as a person of honor, truth and loyalty, until Akodo Fuso. During the Battle of the Cresting Wave, the Lion supported the Crab against a Shadowlands assault. Fuso made a secret deal with a powerful Oni and promised to provide a means of getting through the Kaiu Wall. In return, the Oni offered to grant him unparalleled battle skills. The Dragon Clan foiled the intruders, but Junsui was already endowed by the demon with a new power. Since that time, it remained hidden in the Hall of Ancestors. [1]

Abilities Edit

The curse on Junsui caused anyone who wore it to feel compelled to continue to do so under almost all circumstances, regardless of social propriety. [3]

Cleansed Edit

Eventually Junsui was cleansed from its Taint. [4]

Known Wearers Edit

Junsui 2

Ancestral Armor of the Lion Clan

External Links Edit


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