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Junkin province

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Junkin province

Junkin province (Y2)

The Junkin province (Y2) was a Yasuki controlled province, which housed Yasuki Yashiki, the home of the Yasuki family. The Wall Above the Ocean mountains ended here. [1] It also contained Friendly Traveler Village, [2] the Watchtower of the East, [3] as well as Kano Mura [4] and Nobuto Toshi. [citation needed]

Borders Edit

It was bordered by the Earthquake Fish Bay to the West, Sunda Mizu province (Y1) to the North, [1] the Asahina Anshin (A1) and Wakiaiai provinces (A2) to the East. To the South was bordered by the Asahina Shinkyou province (A3). [5]


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