Junkei was the ronin that taught the Blazing Gullet Tribe of the Nezumi to fight humans. His Nezumi given name was Wild-Hair-Steel-Bringer-Eyes-of-Glory. He taught the Nezumi how to find the holes in the samurai armor and brought them katana. He trained them as bandits to raid human camps for food and supplies. The tribe was going to be ask him to be their chief when Mik'think'thanatch asked him first why he was not a big chief of the human if he was so smart. The question hurt Junkei and he left the tribe.

Junkei was a bitter man who was plagued with terrible ailment that sent him into fits of rage and screaming. He used herbs to try to hide this but one of his fits caused him to be dishonored and cast out of the Scorpion Clan.

Later, Junkei found out that his torment has been because he is touched by the Fortunes and blessed with the gift to communicate with the Nezumi. He trained the Nezumi to get revenge against the Scorpion.

He was last seen heading to the Crab Clan territory hoping to find a new tribe to obey his commands. His personal mon was a pair of blazing white eyes on a black field.

Major References Edit

  • Way of the Wolf, pp. 13-14, 26-27.

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