Jukami Mura

Jukami Mura (CN17)

Jukami Mura (CN17) in the Wakiaiai province [1] was among the southernmost villages of the Crane Clan, and an important link in the trade with the Crab and Mantis Clan. Many mercenaries could be found here also, among them were ronin, minor clan samurai and Mantis thugs. Anyone seeking to hire warriors often came here first. [2]

Port Edit

Ships arrived and departed and sailors moved through the port at all hours, lending the Jukami Mura port the nickname "The Port that Never Sleeps." The Mantis Clan had a prominent embassy there, as a meeting point for hiring Yoritomo mercenaries. The Crab built their own private docking facilities on the other side of town. [3] All weapons were left outside the walls, in shops designed to clean and polish the blades, while daisho were “peace-knotted”. This policy promoted the creation of back-alley jiujutsu rings and wrestling arenas. [4]

Seized by the Crab Edit

In 663 during the Rice War the Crab Clan Army seized the village in the Battle of Honor's Flight. [5]


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