A Juhin-Kenzoku was a vassal family that served a Great Clan as a quartemaster or forging family. They were usually tasked with forging both weapons and armor that a daimyo gave to his followers, as well astasked with keeping track of whatever item they forged, noting its possessors and any name given to the weapon or armor. If an item changed hands, official papers should be sent to the vassal family for them to update their records.

The Juhin-Kenzoku kept a close kinship with one another, because their purpose was very similar and they all took their duty very seriously.

The following families of the Great Clans were known for primarily forging armor: [1]

Crab Clan Edit

Crane Clan Edit

Dragon Clan Edit

Lion Clan Edit

Mantis Clan Edit

  • Chirichi family, vassal of the Yoritomo family, best known for their heavy armour that could be removed much faster than normal, useful if a samurai falls overboard.

Phoenix Clan Edit

Scorpion family Edit

Spider Clan Edit

Unicorn Clan Edit


  1. Book of Earth, pp. 35-36

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