Journey's End Siege 
Journey's End Siege
Location: Journey's End City
Date: 1199
Major Forces: Fallen,
Generals: Shinjo Tselu
Battles of Rokugan

The Journey's End Siege was laid by a horde of Fallen who moved from the Second City toward the Empire during the Heretic War. [1] Shinjo forces led by Shinjo Tselu assembled their forces and rode to recover the lost city. [2]

Fall of the City Edit

The city commander Seppun Barru had recalled the heimin and samurai alike within the city walls, after he received word that the Second City had been overrun by riots. [3] He had been advised by Moshi Sasako of the possibility to lose the city because the population became mad under the influx of P'an Ku, but Barru was skeptical. He was confident about the city's defenses, and that the riots would not emerge from within. [4] Unfortunately for him, the city was lost, taken from within and then the gates of the stronghold were opened to the maddned horde outside. [5] Barru was taken prisoner, and he was beheaded by Shinjo Yoshie when the Imperial refused to surrender to the Fallen. [6]

Imperial Siege Edit

The Ninth Imperial Legion led by Shinjo Kinto rode forth to rescue the city. [6]

Known Casualties Edit

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