Journey's End Siege

Journey's End City

Journey's End City was a Rokugani city in the Colonies, [1] [2] a few days north of the Second City, which was built around Journey's End Keep. [3]

Location Edit

Journey's End City grew up outside the caravan park situate below Journey's End Keep, which sat atop a steep hill. The city sprea southward into the jungle and eventually reaching the banks of the Shinano river, from which riverine traffic connected to the Second City. [4]

History Edit

Imperial Legion Edit

The Ninth Imperial Legion was stationed there in the late 12th century. [5]

Siege Edit

In 1199 a horde of Fallen laid siege to the city. [6] The city was lost, taken from within and then the gates of the stronghold were opened to the maddened horde outside. [7]

Imperial Control Edit

After the Fallen were defeated by the Imperial Legions, the control of Journey's End Keep did not return to the Unicorn, remaining as an Imperial holding, [8] defended by Crab forces. [9]

Notable Locations Edit


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