Journals of Kuni Nakanu 
Journals of Kuni Nakanu
Created by: Kuni Nakanu
First used by: Kuni Nakanu
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Nakanu Scroll were one of three documents known as the Forbidden Scrolls. They were far less detailed and reliable with regards to maho than the Iuchiban Scrolls. [1] The journals were written by the Crab Witch Hunter Kuni Nakanu, describing in detail the effects of the Taint on the living as well as dead corpses as observed in his experiments. [2]

Owners Edit

Following his death, when Nakanu was eaten alive by seventeen zombies, the journals were lost for centuries. [3]

Otomo Jama Edit

Otomo Jama found the journals in the Imperial Library [4] in 499. Jama studied the notes, learning the secrets of maho with the help of a Dragon and a Crane. As his dark power grew, so did his ambition, and Jama took the name Iuchiban, and founded the Bloodspeakers. Iuchiban and the organization of maho-tsukai began making plans to raise an army of the undead to help him overthrow his brother the Emperor and conquer Rokugan. [5]

Miya Shoin and Moto Najmudin Edit

Nakanu's journals were recently discovered in a monastery in the Spine of the World Mountains and given to Miya Shoin. Shoin in turn passed guardianship of the journals to Moto Najmudin. [2]

Copies of the Journal Edit

Najmudin made two copies and one was given to the Jade Champion, Asahina Sekawa, and another copy to his kinsmen at Shiro Iuchi. This second copy was delivered by Moto Latomu from Mizu Mura to an old Iuchi scholar in the south. Latomu made a third copy and eventually passed it to the Lost Daigotsu Meguro, by intermediate of the Fortune of Vengeance, the dragon Yozo, embodied as a monk. Yozo did this to give Daigotsu the wisdom to destroy Iuchiban, the greater threat to the Celestial Order. [2]

It was unknown what became of the original journals following Najmudin's death in 1170. [citation needed]

Taint and how to treat it Edit

The research of the journals was the foundation of all maho, and also the foundation of the Empire understanding of the Shadowlands Taint. [2] It gave insight in undead Lore and how to destroy these creatures. [6]

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