Jotomon's Dojo

Jotomon's Dojo

Jotomon's Dojo was a school of bushido in the Downhill neighborhood at Ryoko Owari Toshi run by Kitsuki Jotomon, developer of the Jotomon style.

Location Edit

It was a low structure located on Sapphire Street, between Copper and Silver. The quality of its horses was renowned. [1]

Training Edit

They began the class with grappling and jiujutsu practice, followed by meditation and discussion of philosophy or martial theory, ending with swordplay, usually with boken. They moved outside the city walls to practice fighting on different terrains - on hills, on stones, in water and on uneven ground. [1]

Ruined Edit

With Jotomon's death, her dojo fell into ruin. Her students moved back to the Kitsuki lands, teaching the Jotomon's Shinrai school. [2]

Known Sensei Edit


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