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Jizo was the Fortune of Mercy. [1] [2] It was revered by the Order of Mercy. [3]

Demeanor Edit

Jizo was known to work in tandem with Jurojin to bring to the deserving the great blessings of a full and long life unmarked by tragedy. The peaceful Asahina maintained the greatest of Jizo's shrines. [4] She was most often entreated by those suffering from some malady. [5]

Meido Edit

Occasionally Jizo visited Meido for his own reasons, where Emma-O, the Fortune of Death, was the absolute ruler. The Fortune of Mercy had been known to plead the cases of worthy souls in need of a "second chance." Though Jizo had altered the Fortune of Death's decree only five times in the history of Rokugan, it was a feat that no other immortal or mortal could claim. [6]

Snake Clan Edit

When in 402 Chuda Tamihei gained control of the Snake Clan, a temple bell was rung by a young deaf boy after he received the hammer from an unknown woman, possibly Jizo. The Council of Five heard the bell and when the Master of Water scried a frozen pond, the Isawa family learned that the once-noble Snake Clan had not only fallen to maho, but had been possessed by a Shuten Doji. [7] The Phoenix Clan descended on the Snake and destroyed the Clan in the Five Nights of Shame. [8]

Shi-Tien Yen-Wang Edit

After the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang became part of Meido, they served as Jizo's counterparts in negotiations, reminding Emma-O of the vices of mankind. [9]

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