Born: Unknown 
Died: 1122

Jittu, most known as Watchful, was a merchant of Ryoko Owari Toshi. Watchful got into the opium trade because the profit margins were incredible, and she had a samurai as patron. When Soshi Seiryoku became the leader of the Soshi cartel Watchful's life changed. Seiryoku had no patience for errors and inefficiency, and had drastic methods to show her disapproval. Watchful tasks and responsability were increased, making easier to have a mistake, as feared Watchful. [1]

Opium War Edit

Seiryoku knew that her drugs got stolen, but she did not know who did it. She told Watchful to call in the Emerald Magistrate. Three of her guards had been killed and her warehouse robbed. It was the beginning of the Opium War. [2]

Attacked Edit

While waiting the magistrates a rider appeared and attacked Watchful. She run, while galloping behind her was a guy on a horse, wearing a mempo which covered his features and wielding a no-dachi. The masked man, a ronin called Jaw, was killed by the magistrates. Watchful was so scared that immediately departed to set off for Dragon country and join the safety of a monastery. [3]

Death Edit

Watchful was sneaking out of town, hidden in the back of a grain cart, when something came down out of the sky and picked her up. No one saw what it was, but pieces of her were found scattered for miles. [4] Most probably it was Seiryoku no Oni, which had been called time ago to this area by Soshi Seiryoku, leader of the Soshi cartel. [5]


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