Earthquake Fish Bay

Earthquake Fish Bay (RRR)

Earthquake Fish Bay (RRR), also known as Warm Springs Bay, [1] straddled the Crab and Crane coastlines. [2]

Fishing Edit

The bay was a valuable resource for the Crab, for many reasons. Since they controlled so little of fertile farmland, the Hida and Yasuki heavily fished the bay. It was an essential resource for the production of the salted fish cakes for rations on the Wall. [3] Many species could be found, including angelfish, blue dolphins, harlequins, red top zebras, firemouth, and purple cichlids. [4]

Navy Edit

The bay was also home to the Crab navy, a larger fleet than all but that the Mantis Clan. The koutetsukan and other warships that berthed there were frequently used to defend the Sea of Shadows. [3]

Trade Route Edit

The bay was also aon Yasuki trade route along with the River of Gold. It was crossed by Shio Senkyo no Riku, considered one of Rokugan's natural wonders, which would appear at low tide, blocking the mouth of the bay. The Tidal Landbridge was shared between the Crab and Crane. [5] Throwing scraps of coral into the sea during an  expedition passing the bay showed respect for Ryujin, the King of the Orochi, and would insure calm weather during the journey. [6]

Volcanic Activity Edit

The bay received its name from a number of dormant undersea volcanoes causing its waters to be warmer than normal. Three times in history had they erupted, boiling the marine denizens in their water which then floated ashore. [7] [2] The fish were never eaten, as their appearance was considered to be an ill omen, and the tide of dead fish always preceded a disastrous event. The last such eruption occured just before the final battle for the Kaiu Towers, a battle in which Fu Leng's personal intervention cursed the Tower of Fear. [3][8]

Nearby Holdings Edit

There were a few holdings that shared the bay's coastline. Primary among them were Yasuki Yashiki [9] and Friendly Traveler Village. [10]

History Edit

Crane-Crab Border Edit

The bay was the border between Crane and Crab land, until the defection of the Yasuki. [11]

Navy Sabotaged Edit

In 1127 Mantis saboteurs used gaijin pepper to sabotage the Kaiu shipyards, damaging the fleet intended for a planned attack on Otosan Uchi. [12]

Flooded Edit

In 1171 the bay suffered a massive flooding which was mitigated by the Mantis magic of the Storm Riders. [13]


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