The Jinn of the Dark Hour was a minor jinn under the command of the master khadi Ghiyath in the Crimson Stronghold of the Khadi. He spoke the Mekhem tongue.

Appearance Edit

The jinn was twice the size of a man with coal black skin and a mouth lined with razor sharp teeth stepped into being before them, standing inches above the ground. He wore only a black vest and loose silken pants, bound by a belt that also held the scabbard for an enormous bronze sword. [1]

Visitors Edit

In 1165 the Dark Lord Daigotsu, the undead Noekam and the Lost Shugenja Katsu guided by the ghul Th'lazz arrived at his presence. The jinn struck Katsu down and dueled Daigotsu, defeating him easily. When the jinn took the katana of the Dark Lord, and too late realized its tsuba was a Bronze Lantern, which imprisoned the jinn inside it. [1]


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