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Jimen no Oni

Jimen no Oni

Jimen no Oni was the greater Elemental Terror of Earth.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

It took the form of a living mountain that had been sculpted into a shape vaguely like an ogre. It stood approximately 15 feet tall and the ground shaked when they moved because of their size and strength. They were relatively simple creatures, compared to their strength, and require nothing more than some earth soaked in blood for their services. In battle they sought out the opposition which appeared to be the strongest and attack. They were, unlike many of the denizens of Jigoku, able to take commands, which made them quite useful as soldiers. They knew they were not the smartest among the other Elemental Terrors, but they were the strongest, and their understanding of this made them very dangerous. [1] They could be summoned by maho-tsukai, but because the Terrors of Earth obeyed only the Dark Oracle of Earth, anyone who summoned them could not actually control them. [2]

Creation Edit

Jimen no Oni 3

Jimen no Oni

In 1126 [3] the Terrors were created by the collaboration between all four Dark Oracles even an Oni of the Void, living in a dead volcano bear the Festering Pit known as the Womb of Terror. [4]

Attack to the Nezumi Edit

This year the nezumi Crippled Bone Tribe were nearly destroyed by the Elemental Terrors. [3]

Yari of Air Edit

In 1127 Jimen no Oni chased the wielder of the Yari of Air, Daidoji Tsumerai, the only surviving man of his unit after the ambush of False Hoturi's forces. A group of samurai aide Tsumerai to escape. [5] The yari was an Elemental Nemuranai, blessed by the Elemental Dragons. They were crafted to restore the celestial balance, which had been broken with the creation of the Terrors. [6]

Smaller Jimen Edit

Jimen no Oni 2

Jimen no Oni

Some smaller versions of Jimen no Oni, known simply as Jimen, also existed. Isawa Nakamuro, Asako Bairei and Hitomi Maya encountered and destroyed three such creatures in the Phoenix Mountains in their search for the Dark Covenant of Fire. It was believed that the three Jimen were in fact created by the Dark Covenant. [7]

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